Modele T-Bastogne

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Model T-Bastogne

This guitar is a UNIQUE Model !!!
It was made by hand in our workshop in Chartres.
The sound is amazing , very warmp with precise treble.
The weight of the guitar is also amazing, indeed it weighs less than 3 pounds!

The body is alder
Reported table in bastogne walnut.

The neck and its fingerboard are maple.
the guitar is without pickguard for the beauty of the wood of the top
The neck pickups are inlaid with a mini wooden plate around

The pickups are fender

The mechanics are Kluson USA.
The handle is a “soft V” profile with a radius of 9.5 integrating a trussrod double action,
reinforced with 2 ebony cleats for better support.
All the guitar has been shielded and all the cabling is neat (each wire is finished by a sheath
heat shrink) to avoid any false contact.

The varnish is a high-end nitrocellulose to let “breathe” the wood.
The guitar will “improve” over time, unlike the guitars varnished with

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