Modele JMH 2

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Model J.m.h. 2

This guitar is a UNIQUE Model !!!
It was made  by hand in my workshop in Chartres.

The body is AAA alder

The neck is maple, with a maple fingerboard

The electronics consists of 3 pickups from Tornade MS, and all the hardware is Fender USA.

The mechanics are Kluson USA.

The neck is a “soft V” profile with a radius of 9.5 integrating a trussrod double action,
reinforced with 2 ebony cleats for better support.
All the guitar has been shielded and all the wiring is neat (each wire is finished by
a heat-shrinkable sheath) to avoid any false contact.

The varnish is a Nitrocellulosic high-end to let “breathe” the wood.
The guitar will “improve” over time, unlike the guitars varnished with

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